Chris Mike After Tomorrow Stage: "The route is definitely harder than I thought" | WRC


With the right foot some pilots will see the sixth date World Rally Championship"The main event of the nut world, which took place at the Bio Bio Region," said the newspaper.

The competition began in the early hours of the day with the roots El Pinar (17.11 km), El Puma (30.72 km) and Algarve (22.26 km)Which, in addition to giving the first three leads, made these impressions A priori Of its protagonists.

In this context, one of the first to speak is British Pilot Chris MeekArriving in seventh place, with a period of 14 minutes and 39 seconds, announced his feelings about the routes and his performance at first.

"I felt entangled, since the route was determined to be harder as we expected. We did several stages with Frog (in recognition), so it cost me to enter the race, "said the European conversation with Biobiochile.

On the same line, "in the first two stages I cannot read the notes very well, But it's a big challenge ".

Now, what will be the challenge of this afternoon, where the competition will be going through El Puma 2 (30.72 km), the Spygado 2 (22.26 km) and Parque Bicentario (2.20 km), the Briton noted that he would give everyone To rebound in the table.

"My strategy will be as fast as possible, as always""Crying meek with laughter," he said, "why his action could be on the roads that will close the first day of the BIO bio competition."

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