China opens research on genetically modified babies


China ordered an investigation to confirm the claims of a Chinese scholar who claims to have created the first genetically modified babies in history, an act described as "madness" by many researchers.

He Jianqiu, a professor at the University of Shenzhen, in the province of Guangdong (South), announced in a video broadcast on Youtube on YouTube the birth of "a few weeks ago" of two twin girls whose DNA was modified to make them more resistant To the virus. AIDS

"We have asked the health authorities of Guangdong Province to immediately open a thorough investigation to establish the facts," the National Health Commission reacted on Monday night, saying "give great importance" to this issue.

He relates that he has shown a wave of criticism of the scientific community of the world, including at the Center of the researcher at the University of Science and Technology at the South, who has authored it and has Declared "Deep Shock".

The geneticist, who is trying at Stanford University in the United States and who runs a special laboratory in Shenzhen, explains that he used the CRISPR / CASE 9 technique, the "genomon scissors". It allows removing and replacing undesirable parts of the genome, such as correcting a typo in a computer.

The twins Lulu and Nana are still born in Vitro fertilization of modified embryos before their implantation in the mother's womb.

The self-proclaimed medical scoop was not strengthened because the results of the Chinese team did not appear in the scientific journal.

More than 100 Chinese scientists, mainly biologists and doctors, say it is "crazy," which is "a big blow to global reputation and development of biomedical research in China."

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