Chilean hammer thrower is known to killing a person in a disco at Temuko – Araucanía


Chilean hammer thrower is known for killing people in the disco of Temuko

Gabriel Keh was convicted of the serious injuries only after the death of Jose Luis Garrido in the absence of a local community.

Sebastián Mora


The Temuko's Criminal Court Hammer thrower is disabled Gabriel Kehr Of killing a man on the outskirts of a Disco, In October 2016, in Temuko.

According to the background collected by TVN Red Map"The justice dismissed the accusations of murder and girlfriend murder that had been held in prison for one year.

The resolution only reckoned that Kehr was the author of the crime of serious injuries against Jose Luis Garrido in the neighborhood of missing locals. Shore 21.

Remember that the death of Garrido was generated in the middle of a fight and a subsequent fall that caused a fatal shock to the skull.

The roofing noted that death intervention was not the cause of death.

A sentence of three years and one day of a minor prison in its middle class, which may be corrected with the amount of time served in the detention center.

This young man is considered one of the Olympic promises of national sport as a result of his great performances in athletics.

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