Castillo Shadows gestures of the Monida with the DC: Undersecretary must withdraw from act by the National Cancer Plan

The Undersecretary of Assistance Networks arrived with Minister of Delegates in La Moneda, where President Sebastiano Piñera launched the National Cancer Policy and announced the Cancer Law. However, at the time of the ceremony, it was noticed by his absence. The fact is interpreted as a gesture to the DC, a party that firmly hold its place to the government to remove it from its position, consider it a cover for the assassination of its emblematic figure, former president Eduardo Fremont Montalva.

The controversy that promotes the name of the Undersecretary of Assistance Networks Luis Castillo in the Opposition, in particular the Christian Democracy, is far from being forgotten. This was due to the absence of number 2 mins in the template made in La Moneda, where President Savastnyan Piñra made the launch of the National Cancer Policy and announced the Cancer Law, two flagship initiatives for the government.

The interesting thing about the situation was that Castilo arrived at the Palace, welcoming the Minister of Health Emilio Santelices. They arrived together, and entered the door of Calle Monda. They crossed the Casio de los Casones, passed the backyard and entered the reception to the guests who were going to perform in the palace before the official guides in the Montt Varas room. But when the ceremony began, the Undersecretary was no longer present, which drew attention.

The ceremony was headed by President Piñera and Minister of Delegates. Also president, the Secretary General of Presidency, Gonzalo Blumel, the Undersecretary of Public Health, Paul Daza, and Senators, Deputies, Mayors, and Members of Medical and Scientific Organizations, Patient Organizations and Members of Civil Society.

Opposition World was attended by senator PPD and chairman of the Health Committee of the Upper House, Guido Girardi, and Sen. DC Coronation Gooic, one of the strongest advocates of the need for a cancer law at the country level. . The parliamentarian, consulted La Terrera for the reasons of the absence of casting, she did not know the reasons. "When I entered what was in the end I did not see it," he said.

Costa, who returned to the metals to repeat this dish at the Social Security Secretary of the Network, goes back to his back with a Ethiopian and Judicial Delimah, as his infection in the Free Marketplace. Since the DC and his family have declared him persona not grata because they consider him a cover for the assassination of former President Eduardo Frei Montalwa for hiding the autobiographical of the emblematic leaders.

His figure has caused friction between the pioneer government and the DC, and although recently approached the bills on some bills, the Fialang has not given them a lot to shoot when it comes to Castile. In fact, a few weeks ago, on the occasion of the ruling of the Constitutional Court that dismissed the appeal of the Volodymyr pedro Volodya, who said to continue to delay the case, the DC and the Free Family insisted on the government ' It's the place to remove the undersecretary from his post. Act like this "according to respect and prudence".

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