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Cars, games and all kinds of luxuries for those who can afford it


GTA Online has received this long-awaited update for a long time. Los Santos has updated the Diamond Casino, great news for all the players who have been waiting for the arrival of the Roulette, The machines of Slot And those blackjack Too GTA online. But the casino not only brings entertainment to its players.

We find among the new features included in this update 22 new vehiclesNew Outfits, Missions And the apartment More expensive Of all the saints. Like everything, just a few players with enough savings can enjoy all the fancy whims. The rest will have to do some extra work.

Among the new ones Minigames What is included in the Diamond Casino Arrival on BlackjackThe RouletteThese machines Slot machine And those Poker Of 3 cards, all available for 4 players. But Rockstar's gambling doesn't end here. If you want a good fortune, you can bet In Horse Racing, How many of us were in it GTA San Andreas A few years ago.

Now, if you want to throw the house through the windows, you can literally get it if you buy one of the three rooms at a charge. The cheapest cost 1.5 million dollars (Crash Pad), moving in the middle of it $ 3,776,500 (Room for parties) and those Penthouse Suite For the modest price of 6,533,500$.

GTA online

The new cars included in this update will also be an assault on our maze bank account. 22 new vehicles They've been added, including a wide variety of luxury cars. In case there were few models GTA onlineYou've had new goals to fill your garage.

Finally, 6 new missions Cooperatives They arrive with Diamond Casino, In addition to these 16 more missions For him Mode Free, Related to casino management. The rewards we can get from the casino will depend on our status on the premises. With the acquisition of space we become a silver VIP member, and if we complete the missions, we will advance to become a Platinum VIP and we will unlock exclusive items such as clothing, decoration for our suite and vehicles.

Diamond Casino Now available to all GTA Online players in the central area Mirror Park. To access the casino you will have to pay $ 500If you see the prices of the rest of the contents, you can find a bag of sweets.

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