Carlos Heller: The Stadium For The US Is A Commitment And I'm Going To Meet It


The president of Blue Blue, Carlos Heller, He confirmed that his great desire to be the institution is Please specify a stadium for Chile And that he intended to abandon his position only when it was carried out.

For the leader, in dialogue with The third, The way to lead the club will have to be longer with the head than with the heart, "and he also said "People do not know how many problems you have to manage this institution."

In this line, the businessman said he lost money in the command of U, and he also mentioned "irrational" his tenure in office, despite the fact that "If the team forbids, it's your fault and they grab you with scruples. Everywhere, I lose money, anyway.

For this reason, he pointed out that he was still in the club because "I have a commitment and I will do it: a stadium for the U. It is not easy (…) Someday I'll reach it and there, maybe I'll go with the stadium built. And maybe with the Copa libertadores. "

"I'm going to continue quietly, because every time I speak, the world comes over and I start to run around, I see the stars much more aligned than before, I don't want to reveal people, but I hope to have good News soon, "said the subject.

Helmer has additionally admitted other blue-themed topics as prevention that he is responsible for the team's bad time in 2018, depending on the fact that Ronald Fentes & # 39; Departure from his position as the "Sports Manager" was recognized, recognizing that the situation affected him. From Porto Pinillas, with whom "maybe he should have spoken", and that Frank Kudelka's floor is ahead, at least to the Copa Libertadores group stage and fight the championship.

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