Carabiniero Who Shoots Young Mapparty In Collapse On The Back 6 Years In Prison | National


Acquired for unlawful comersion and attempted murder Was the Carabinero who had Brandon Hernandez Huentekol in the back. The Court spoke to him of serious injuries and unjustified harassment, risk Six years in prison.

The young family was not satisfied, announcing that they would appeal to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and that they would exhaust all possible instances of Let justice be done.

After seven days of oral trial, the judges announced their operation, in the case of December 18, 2016, during which the Brandon Hernandez Huentekol, then 17 years, resulted in Pelvic fracture After being shot by Second Sergeant Carabinieros, Cristiana Rivera Silva, while being reduced to a few meters from his home.

In this case, the winners made different accusations, including the illegitimate constraints. The Office of the Prosecutor ordered that it was serious injury for family lawyers to do so. Frustrated murder And the National Institute of Human Rights Serious injury.

However, the Judges German Waras, Francis Boero and Wilfried Ziehlman decided – by a majority – to cause serious injuries and unfair humiliation crimes.

This is confirmed by Nelson Moreno, who argued that "conviction (was) for two crimes, that anyway They are significant crimes. A crime of serious injuries, where the punishment of three years of deprivation of liberty and a second offense for illegal humiliation, "risked the last three-year high penalty in prison.

For his part, Brandon Hernandez Huentekol was dissatisfied with the verdict, stating that he felt "Impatience and grief For the injustice to the Mapuche people, to us, and to see how all Chileans want to protect their own ".

His mother, Ada Huentekol, reported that they would appeal to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to seek justice, stating that "It's a shame and a storm that there is no justice here in Chile."

In this sense, the sentence will be announced next Thursday at 7:00 PM in the Angolan Criminal Court.

Below you can read the verdict in its entirety:

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