Carabinersos rescued two women who fell into their car to an irrigation canal in the area of ​​Oliggins


Passed this 10:30 hours The Saturday, Carabinersos from the Subcomisaria de Las CabrasHe received the call from a car An accident on route H66-G.

The event occurred when another vehicle was traveling in the opposite direction to the road so trying another vehicle to avoid impact, Fell into an irrigation canal with two women on board.

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The Petty Officer, Sergio Castilo Velasque in conjunction with Corporate 2DD, Rigberto Lil Jara, went to this place and found the vehicle inside.

Fortunately, the rapid maneuver of the troops succeeded in saving the two occupants of the vehicle and They were only injured as a result of the impact.

Both the driver of the vehicle and his companions are referred to as the spice of the commune.

Photo: Carabinerer de Chile

Photo: Carabinerer de Chile

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