Candomito starts its 2019 HIV / AIDS prevention campaign in Valpara in O


The campaign, which has celebrated 19 years of accomplishment in the area, is its main mission to educate and educate the community that spends space on the correct and tightest use of male condoms and, for the first time, in campaigns. The delivery of the female condom, which will total 10,000 condoms.

ACCIONGAY's regional director, Marcelo Aguilar, said "Government agencies are focused on investigating new cases of HIV / AIDS, but the authorities have forgotten to emphasize HIV prevention. In this sense, we believe that It was fundamentally and cheaper to address HIV prevention through early sex education and the development of effective campaigns that cost the disease, "said the AxionGay leader.

In addition, Aguilar added that "the work done by ACCIONGAY together with the municipality of Valparaiso is fundamental when confronting the epidemic of the local level with a strong public and private involvement, to keep increasing the pandemic that unfortunately It increases. "

On the other hand, Jorge Sharp's mayor of Valparaiso raised the importance of using this condom, stating that it "can make a difference when it comes to infecting a certain disease and allowing everything to live" to add to that. Public policies should not be focused on HIV / AIDS, but rather on prevention. "

Zuliana Araya, the counselor and trustee, said "this year's campaigns should be run throughout the year, not just in the summer, HIV / AIDS education is important, especially during the summer season. I want to ask the Ministry of Health for more resources. Social organizations, in order to continue developing this work at regional level "

At the 2017 Epidemiological Report of the Institute for Public Health of Chile-ISP, the following data are given on the epidemic of HIV / AIDS in the country: "HIV is in 99.4% of cases in Chile, affects the segment in one. Greater 20 to 29 years, 70% epidemic due to homosexual exposure, 40,000 cases without diagnosis, of which 28,000 are men who have sex with men-MSM, and that male / female is 9 people to 1 woman .

In the Valparaiso Region, the data is repeated, as it has a fraction rate (HIV Hips Plus Aids) of 78% increase in cases at 10 years (2008 to 2017). With an increase of 65% in the segment of children under 25 years of age. In line with the UNAIDS guidelines, it is argued that it is important to improve access to HIV testing and the proper and constant use of condoms, especially among young people aged 15-29 (Ceramic health data).

ACCIONGAY becomes the commitment to oblige prevention by government agents, however, we observe a slow implementation of the 9 measures announced in May by the minister of health, so we require the authorities to hurry the stride, improve hygiene communication campaigns, and forward with This plan to support the work of social organizations since the beginning of the epidemic in the 80s in the country with very little government support.

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