Camilla Recobarr appointed that she was extorted


One of the news from the last time that was in the arena was the confession made by former mice Chile, Camilla Recabrarren, who talked about his sexual orientation and that he always liked women.

The statement has made several rumors, since Ekchika's fact has apparently been extinguished and confirmed in the Talk can Chilevisión program.

It was in the early part of the chapter on Friday, when Camilla said "It was true and it was two years ago for this. This man continues to write to my family and my environment. He knew sides that few knew. "

Deployed at the same line, the manikin deepened and pointed out, "I think I know who it is, but I still haven't made it clear. I made this report but since it has no normalized law, it has not come to nothing.

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