Camila recabrar bets on Instagram while looking for hits on TV


A week ago it was known that Kamila Rekabarren is not in Hola Chile, from La Red. Although the channel was the one who made the decision, she accepted it without ties because "a cycle was completed," she said.

The dismissal given him the opportunity to visit different programs in different television houses, so testing the ground for what could be the future.

One of the invitations went to MILF, from + TV. At the turn, Rekabranen appeared as part of the panel of women and many media gave you the possible new member of the site led by Claudia Conserva.

While he was in the Christmas launch of Kostanera Center, Kamey spoke with La Cuarta and said he was aware of the rumors, but said nothing was specific: "They say I'm going to Milf, I do not know where sound , But no, I have nothing to do with anyone. "

Despite no definitive design on TV, he is looking for a new opportunity on the screen. For her, her future is in the animation: "Tomorrow I want to have a stable junk again on TV, currently I'm going through all the channels because they are making me invitations."

– No channel or specific program where you would like to work?

In which. I feel that the networks have been performing a panelist cycle, I do not want to say that I do not want to be, but may be a panelist in another, but the idea is to take different areas, or make notes. ..) My dream as a kid is to be in front of a camera.

Meanwhile, he does not want to sit down. Waiting for her occasion in some applications and getting rid of what she calls her "unemployed" stage, she bets all her chips on social networks, especially on Instagram, where she was close to a million and a half faithful followers.

Rekabrren uses her account not only to catch her day by day, but also to adapt and convert to different fashion brands, which keeps you calm, since she sees the platform "a good work tool these days".

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