Bus from the Transantantiago blow at high speed a car with 4 people on board in Puente Alto


A car is hit by a bus from Transantiago, At the intersections of Concha y Toro Avenue with Al Peñón, Community of Puente Alto.

The accident occurred on the afternoon of the Saturday when A minor vehicleWith four people on board, they were preparing to turn to Ave Concha Y Toro when Passed by the passenger car Which, according to witnesses, is moving at great speed along the bus route.

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Meters after the accident, the bus hit the post.

In this Machine 2 minerals and 2 adults, While at the passenger bus, only the driver and a passenger were found.

All were transferred to the hospital emergency suicide del Rio, with the exception of the TransantiaGo driver who was referred to as the mutual de-citizen.

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