BSI takes control of Walmart's financial business

The purchase will allow Bci to double its market share in credit cards, adding almost 1.5 million new customers.

Two weeks after the superintendent of banks and financial institutions approved this Buying from Walmart's Financial Business Through BSI, The Bank ruled by the Yurur Family informed the Commission for the Financial Market Taking control of Walmart Financial Services.

In a statement, BSI states that tomorrow the business alliance between the bank and the company of American capital will materialize.

In addition, the national company based that servicios Financieros "will continue to commercialize the financial products and services previously offered by Wolmart Chile, which includes the Publishing and Operation of the New BSI Mastercard Master Card, as well as the Origin of Advances and Super Advances and Personal Insurance, Among others. "

According to the Bank, "The Alliance Seeks to Ensure Collaboration Between Bci and Walmart so that their clients, in addition to having current benefits and maintaining the conditions of their products, can access a variety of credit offerings, benefits, and discounts for making purchases in Leaders and other businesses. "

After disabling almost US. It. $ 160 million, the purchase of Walmart's financial business will leave BSI double its market share in credit cards, adding almost 1.5 million new customers And become one of the most important players in the market.

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