Between saddles, kicks and combos: They record a brutal fight at a McDonalds in wine del Mar | News


Great innovation a Brutal fight In the early hours of Thursday, we had a McDonalds in Veina del Mar, in the Valparaiso area.

The event was around 05:00 in San Marino 298, where, according to what was noted by Comolo Pozo – who recorded this fight – a group of teenagers They came to the interior of the place to be straight, Dispute that ended.

You can see that in the videos recorded by witnesses Chairs have been thrown, Despite this, there was no significant damage to the premises.

Since Carabinersos noted that No complaint is made, So there are no people arrested during the day.

As much as McDonalds confirmed this fact, but declined to provide a version of what happened.

Look under the videos that record the influential reality.

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