Bethesda will replace the Nailon bags of the PowerPoint 76 Power Armor Edition through the Hosts. This is the process

Maybe the bags of Power Armor Edition of Folאָוט 76 have not been the main claim of that edition, but that does not apologize or apologize that the nylon accompanied by the copy of the game (and the helmet) are nonsense. Now, Bethesda rectifies and Prepares the replacement process.

By Twitter, The Maryland Company Certified Service recognizes that it is carrying out the manufacturing process of the canvas bags initially announced for this edition 200 €. Now, Bethesda has set A margin of time To change this change.

We are financing the plans to produce replacement bags for the fallout 76: Power Armor Edition.

If you have purchased this edition, please visit the Bethesda support website and send a copy of the purchase order before January 31, 2019. We will send you a replacement as soon as the bags are ready.

To illustrate, the bugs promised within this edition correspond with the official video.

And the reception of the fans who bet on it can be seen in the next unboxing.

Concerning the experience in Apalachia, the Bethesda fans are quick to respond to Initial compensation Offered by the company (five euros of game currency, especially when it was transmitted (by gamblers) that there were influencers who received baskets bags something more in line with the promised.

For now, if you bet for the ticket in first class at Falling online, You have something for two months to request your promised bag on the Bethesda website: The claim period is until 31 January. Do not leave it for the last day.

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