Benzinas continue their run of heavy losses and are set to equalize August prices | Economy

The National Petroleum Company (ANAP) reported on Wednesday the prices which will register fuels as of Thursday. Again, good news: All will do downwards values ​​thanks to Mepco, which reversed the upward pressure on the price of the dollar.

According to the state company, since December 6, the liter of gasoline 93 Octane Will go down -5.8 pes, Reaching 754.7 pesos as a reference, marking its seventh consecutive loss, very close to returning to the prices he was in mid-August, before the extended period of increasing.

On this path, the 97 octane It will also record its sixth drop (from -5.8 pes), Reaching 775.5 pesos per liter.

The Diesel, On the other hand, will reach 576.3 pesos per liter, which implies -5.8 pes Less than last week.

In the same line, the kerosene Will present a sharp drop in -26.6 pes, Reaching 518.8 pesos per liter.

Meanwhile, these Liquefied gas (LPG) will remain at 220.5 pesos per liter, since it will record a new low -10.6 pes With respect to the previous week.


Under the scenario, the 93-octane benzene will register seven weeks down with a Accumulated drop of -40 pesos At this time, after a long time of increasing the price of 50.3 pesos in 10 weeks.

Meanwhile, the 97 gasoline activates its sixth consecutive loss, and already accumulates Accumulated fall of -33.2 pesos After his bulky rise of 43.4 pesos, which lasted for nine weeks.

The prices will apply between Thursday 6 and Wednesday 12 December.

The prices are based on the references of ANAP, which only seek to provide relevant information for the fuel market, not as reported by the National Energy Commission in its Fuel Price Online Information System.

In fact, the company shows that it does not consider a document that defines values ​​for the consumer in Chile, since it is completely free, because the Chilean market is characterized by being open, competitive and detracted.

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