Beenox talks about the focus on the Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, the Online and More –


Thomas Wilson, Creative director of the popular developer company Quebec, Geox, Recently published a post in the PlayStation Blog to talk about him about his involvement with the series Crash Team Racing.

Already a fan Crash Bandicoot, The creativity entered the industry in 1999 near the launch date Crash Team Racing, And the title was marked and still in his vision of the industry for the "intelligent", which was the idea of ​​introducing a story mode in a racing game, which he enjoyed the fullest with his girlfriend, enter the video Game industry.

Almost 20 years later, they received the unexpected proposal to work in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, In a very casual way: "How would you feel about remodeling CTR?". The joy and emotion had gathered in Wilson, and when he could answer, he said: "It's a fun, right?"

From then on the discussions of the project he was praying that everything would go smoothly so that it could be a fact, and now that it finally came to the public, he feels relieved that there is no turning back.

How could it be different from a big fan of the series, the director said that his first pillar in the draft of this release was to remain loyal to the original title, regardless of all the improvements that can be added with the possibility Offers modern industry.

Another important point is the visual section. Because these CTR Originally highlighted in great part by the unique personality of his environments and characters, this title has to have a special attention to detail, and Wilson Ensure that the players will notice all the effort they have put in place to correctly place the living world of the game and its characteristic throw of competitors.

Once assured that the experience brings the best of the original title, the company wants to add features that can not be lacking in a modern racing title, including both an online mode to compete against players from around the world, and "many others" Features. Multiplayer Games "will allow you to show your skills to anyone around the world and that is a requirement for CTR."

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