Bad news for Catherine Salosny: Will be formalized for driving while inoculated television and shows

Last October 10 was a black day for Catherine Salosni, after police officer caught her driving while being inxicated.

But the problems have not been completed since the prosecutor, Carolina de Pablo, requested the authentic Guardian Guarantee of formalizing Catherine Salosny for the crime of driving while being inxicated.

According to the information provided by the newspaper La Cuarta, the request was received after the Public Prosecutor's Office received the blood alcohol test results from the Legal Medical Service.

It should be noted that the Alcotest carried out his arrest, showed that he was 1.17 grams of alcohol in his blood.

Therefore, the communicator risk being sentenced and paid a fine that varies between 11-20 UTM, which is, 532,000 to 967,000 pesos, in addition to suspending your license permit up to 36 months.

The day of the formalization will be set by the Eighth Court of Guarantee of Santiago, in which an alternative exit may be reached.

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