Aviaca Brasil announced the cancellation of flights to Santiago


The airline Avianca Brasil Announced Wednesday Trimming with direct international flights to the cities of Santiago de Chile, New York and Miami, After accepting the Bankruptcy law For the debt that accumulates and which has made it the target of some lawsuits in the courts.

According to the airline, international flights to the cities will be Interrupted following March 31, But the remaining 26 destinations will be maintained.

By one note, the airline pointed out that More than 240 daily flights will continue to operate normally.

In addition, he explained that Anyone who is affected by having purchased tickets for the flight after the data in question will be contacted directly To solve cases individually.

The Brazilian company also explains that it continues to focus on guaranteeing the sustainability of the business and maintaining excellence in customer service.

The past December 11 Avianka Brasil, the fourth largest airline in the South American giant, announced that it would accept the bankruptcy law due to the resistance of its lessor aircraft to reach a friendly agreement.

Therefore, the airline has been forced by Brazilian justice to return 11 aircraft from its fleet to the Irish company. Constitution aircraft, Airline subsidiary, for the lack of lease payments; And three other related actions are advanced against him.

Avianca Brasil, formerly called OcenAir, operates scheduled flights from 2002, and currently serves 23 destinations in the South American giants and 3 abroad, with 230 departures daily, using 47 Airbus type aircraft.

Oceanair is an independent firm of Avianca Holdings SA. And it uses the name of "Avianca Brasil" commercially, by a name-using license agreement entered into it with Aerovías del Continente Americano S.A.

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