Australia's Mutant Atossum Generates Network Cross for Its Remarkable Success to Pikachu Society

With the release of Pokémon GO some time ago, and the next release of the Pokemon Let's Go, the animated series is again a sensation in social networks. Of course, this time not because of a game, but because in Australia they claimed to have found Pikachu.

It happens that even a veterinary clinic in Melbourne has arrived at a small Atossum that has left. The animal immediately generated various reactions among the specialists, Since it is not brown, As it usually is.

The coat was a deep yellow, added to big black eyes. Do you mention someone of the characteristics? According to the elderly portal, this animal has the colors corresponding to a genetic mutation.

"We recently have a special atossum brought to the clinic.It is a rare variety of common opossum gold (…) they are as rare in nature as their bright color makes them look especially to us", Explains the Boronia Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital.

The low melamine levels made his coat yellow, instead of brown, so its appearance was unique. Because of this, it was just to remember the protagonist of the Pokemon series, so the wets did not hesitate to name him Pikachu.

It should be noted that specialists commented that it is very likely that the little atossum had to have her mother back since she was only five months old. In addition, they declare that when he recovers and is free, he will be sent to a wildlife sanctuary.

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