Astronautor Josez Maaza is sincere: "The horoscope is another stupidity as the flat earth!" | Technology

The outstanding national astronomer José Maza There is more than authorized voice when talking about space and ground.

Academician of the Department of Astronomy of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile for 50 Years, National Award of Exact Sciences 1999 and author of the books as "Mars the Next Frontier of Editorial Planeta", Maaza has positioned As a Chilean scholar living more mediate.

He participated in various radio and television applications. Currently he attended almost every other week True Lies From La Red, the same TV room, which Sixto Pasa was invited, a Peruvian lecturer who claims to have been abducted to Ganimede, is the largest satellite of Jupiter.

"In this program they have iterative things and that somehow, to some degree, they have replaced it for me, it gives me a double pride," said the astrospicist in an interview with the cult section of La Terra.

"Sixto Paz, I tell you the first and last name, he says he is abducted to Ganymede, where he is -150 °. If the cock is taken to gunmade, I would have to return blue from the temperature! "Added mza.

But that's not all, since the Chilean Astronomer also pointed to those who believe in the horoscope.

"The horoscope is another stupidity as the flat earth! Imagine, I am Capricorn and well, it's a million and a half of Capricorn!", He emphasized.

José Maza with his book Shalom Aleichem (CC) Wikimedia Commons
José Maza with his book Shalom Aleichem (CC) Wikimedia Commons

"I am what I am, because my mother and father have a complete structure and in my house they raise me in a certain way, Not because I was born in January "Added mza.

The vision about the horoscope complemented it with a comparison. "I'm born in the same day as Bam Bam Zamorano – he's 19 years younger than me – and the truth is that where I look at him, I do not see any similarity," he said .

"I could never hit the ball, I could not hit the third boat with my feet and I never hit the ball with my head"He was surrounded by laffs.

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