As Xiaomi's activity bracelets look like and what they look like

After the unlimited success of the Xiaomi Mi bang 2, which was the second best selling worldwide in the world, the Chinese company has returned with the Xiaomi Mi Banda 3 in 2018, the third edition of this simple and functional activity, Repeats the formula that won it the podium of the best seller in the category: offer a round product with an excellent price-quality ratio. In the words of Enrique Pérez, who analyzes Mi Band 3, "No bracelet offers more for that price"

Now, given the success of its predecessor, it is still possible to find the current MI volume 3 and the Mi band 2 for sale. We analyze the differences and similarities between the two models. Is it worth it to make the jump to the third generation if we have the second?

My Band 3 vs Technical Labels My Band 2

Xiaomi Mi Banda 2

Xiaomi Mi bang 3


0.42 "OLED

OLED 0.78 "tag
120 x 80 pixels

Dimensions and weight

15.7 x 40.3 x 10.5 mm 7 g

17.9 x 46.9 x 12 mm

20 g


Length 235 mm Plastic Compatible with 155-210 mm.

Length: 247 mm


Compatible with 155-216mm


70 mAh

110 mAh


IP 67

IP68, up to 50 meters under water

-10º to 50º C

Connection with the mobile

IOS 7.0 / Android 4.4 or higher. Bluetooth: 4.0

Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0 or higher

Minimum Bluetooth 4.0

Sensors and connectivity

Bluetooth 4.0, low power accelerometer and heart sensor

Bluetooth 4.2, Accelerometer, Heart Rate Monitor, NFC (optional)


17.99 euros

29.90 euros

Design and materials


The mine volume 3 and the mine volume 3 They proved to be very strange in a common way In the form of a aluminum alloy tablet and its simple elastomeric and breathable thermoplastic strap that is fixed with precision so it does not dance on the wrist. Of course, the finishes of the original strap of the MiM band 3 are softer and more pleasant.

No of the two models stands out for its elegance or premium appearance, But in both cases we are in light cables and their discreetness that goes unnoticed during the day to day on the wrist and in different areas.

About personification, this is achieved through the exchange of belts. In this market we can find a wide range of colors and finishes at very affordable prices. One aspect to keep in mind is The strings of the MI volume 2 do not work for Mi 3 and vice versa.

This is because the size and shape of both pills differ, something that can be seen with the naked eye. The design of the MI volume 3 repeats the upper curve of the first generation, although more pronounced, and its finish is brilliant against the math of the Xiaomi Mi bang 2.

Another common but different element is The middle button, Which in the third generation was integrated into the glass body and has grown to make it more comfortable to work.

A larger and more functional screen

Panel Screen of the Miu Band 3

The main difference between Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 3 is its screen, Almost twice as large. It is also capacitive, which allows us to control wearing tactylly by moving through its menus. The touch panel works as vertically and horizontally, but not sensitive. Another very useful feature that is incorporated is that of Lift the hand to activate the screen.

With a larger screen, Xiaomi provides more information and more notifications, giving more independence with respect to the mobile phone, which empowers A more fluid and full user experience, Since now we can not only read the announcements, but also interact, for instance, canceling an incoming call.

Both in Mi Mi 2 and Mi Mi Band 3 It is not possible to modify the brightness, Which means that in some situations abroad we have difficulty when it comes to visualizing.

More functions


Although both bandwidths are connected to the phone via Bluetooth, My Band 3 makes the jump to Ble 4.2, a version of lower consumption and more range.

Another important novelty in connectivity but that unfortunately has not reached our markets is The NFC, a feature that opened the door to be able to make payments with the bracelet.

At the moment of truth, the main difference in the daytime is everything that comes through the screen. It is still possible to receive notifications of calls and calls, but now we can answer them and see them in more detail of the hand.

My band 3 means the spirit of the Volume 2 in the sense that it allows us to access the phone's notifications and Quantify our activity roughly. So in both models are the steps of counter, distance, calories burned, core speed monitor and sleep control.

Xiaomi has improved the algorithm to improve the accuracy of the Mi-Band 3 but still, it keeps Because of the values ​​provided by other services and models, But it is still an approach that guides and motivates us.

More battery, same self-management (and the same problem)

One of the strengths of these Xiaomi troubles is their self-management, And that in both models ensures 20 days. Although in the specifications we see that the battery power of mine 3 is higher, its self-management is conserved due to the greater consumption of the screen.

However, achieve Almost 3 weeks without having to go through an outlet is a considerable achievement Compared to other models, but notably worse to the original mine volume, which has a screen.

In practice with intensive use during our analyzes we noticed that the Xiaomi Mi bang 2 Reaches 10 days, Very similar to the Xiaomi Mi bang 3, that we must load 4 or 5 times in the month and a half that we tested it.

Something that has not changed or is Need to remove the strap from the strap to blame the bracelet, A nuisance caused by the location of the connectors. Although the strap plastic is resistant, in the long run it may cause the grip stability.

By the way, The Xiaomi Mi belt charger 2 is not compatible With this of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

More water resistance


Another great difference between one model and the other is the resistance to water and dust. While the Mi Band 2 had the IP67, the Mi Band 3 attracts the IP68.

In practice it meant that My band 2 endured sweat, rain and we could spray, Since the IP 67 standard supports up to 30 minutes of up to 1 meter depth. However, it was recommended not to submerge it completely

With the MiTo band 3 we can submerge in the Hayza water at 50 meters or 5 ATM, that is, we can bathe in the pool and into the sea with tranquility. Yes, Does not count the strokes.

A reasonable price of attractiveness

With the volume of emissions, Xiaomi was able to develop a product that seduces the users to show about the need or not of a wearable thanks to A simple, discreet and functional bracelet. It does not provide special precision, but it is useful to give us an idea of ​​our activity.

With the passing of these generations, Xiaomi has improved design and functionality, knowing how to keep At the attractive prices Which is around 20 €, a price that invites you to try them despite their limitations.

So, in Spain, we can find Xiaomi Mi Banda 2 costs 17.99 euros in PC components and the Xiaomi Mi bang 3 for 28.99 euros, a substantial percentage difference, but in any case, a huge investment.

If we buy it in China, The difference is still less: the minus volume 3 costs 20.95 euros and the minus 2 bucks 15.09 euros.

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