Artificial Intelligence, an ally of medicine


It may be a better "detector"

Mexico (notimex) .- The application of artificial intelligence to the traditional medical diagnostic methods, such as electrocardiogram (ECG), would help to detect the risk of heart failure because of asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction.

The effectiveness of this test is comparable to mammography in breast cancer, saying specialists in the Mayo Clinic discovered the benefits of applying this technology to the UK.

Paul Friedman, author of the study and president of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine for the Midwest region of the clinic, explains that asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction causes the heart, which for this reason runs the risk of failure.

Only in the United States do seven million people have this health problem, which brings with it a decrease in the quality of existence and a reduction in life expectancy.

Friday, the new test, which is cheaper, faster and easier to detect core failure due to dysfunction, consists of performing electroladyography and detailed processing of it with artificial intelligence to extract information about "heart diseases".

The accuracy of the test compares additionally with the other common screening tests, such as prostate-specific antigens for prostate cancer, breast cancer mammography, and cervical cancer.

The researchers hypothesize that a well-trained Neural Network would be able to reliably detect asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction disorders.

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