Arica A Day – World AIDS Day and Its Free Detection

World AIDS Day and its early detection

December 4, 2018 // National, Society

Reinforcing the importance of taking the HIV test for early diagnosis and timely treatment, the Healthy Ceremony of Arika and Parinakota, adhered to the parade convinced by the health sector together with various institutions and organizations to commemorate the world AIDS Day.

"On December 1, World AIDS Day was observed, for the same reason that Ceremony de Salud is carrying out the commemorative activity and thus promoting the early detection of HIV in our area," said Arika y Parinakota, Claudia Torrealba.

In addition to the parade made by the Pasteo 21 de Mayo, health agencies raised a place for social health entertainment, in Calle Colon, where the urban ceremony of intervention, which was composed of a hall of mirrors, where the Pastor I found myself with articles as "anyone could have."

Carol Torres, in charge of the Sexual Health Program of Ceremony de Salud de Arica y Parinacota, described the situation in the area.

"Arika and Parinakota are the region with the highest rate of HIV." We have about 130 patients report this year, as of October 30. In 2017, we have 124 cases in the year. Is to promote sexual health, "explains the professional.

The Midwife states that "we exceed the national rate three times, so living in this area involves a three-fold increase in the issue of arriving HIV, compared to other regions."

In the case of prevention, the person in charge of the Sexual Health Program said that "condoms should be used in any sexual contact, whether it is vaginal, anal or oral, learn about the use of condoms. Condom, so now women can empower themselves, and use the female condom. "


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