Ariana Grande has the best debut of a video clip in the history of YouTube | Society

Ariana Grande Has broken a new personal record, and is that the singer got the best debut of a video clip in the whole story of Youtube thanks to his song "Thank u, Next".

As reported Billboard, The topic is registered 55,400,000 views In its first 24 hours. In addition, it is the music video that has quickly reached 100 million viewing on the platform.

Big busy social networks to thank her followers and, in particular, thanks to the director of the video, Hannah Lux Davis.

"Thank you all, we love you and we are very excited", Said the pop star on Twitter.

The clip was premiered on November 30, under the great expectation of previous advances shared on social networks, since "Thank u, Next" is full of Winx to pop culture, referring to films like Mean girls And Legally blonde.

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