Apple starts selling the refurbished iPad 2018 with substantial discounts


The iPad 2018 seeks to become the computer for the masses, a versatile device at an unbeatable price right now, both in the market of Tablets As in the case of laptops. And despite its low price, we can still buy it from a lower one thanks The new iPad 2018 reconditioned That Apple sold.

As we can see on the official website of Apple, have started selling different iPad 9.7 inches in the recruited section. Since they are reconditioned devices, Its price is lower than the official. Right now, we find the iPad of 32GB in gold color and cellular connection to 399 Euros, when its official price is 460 Euros. We can also see an iPad of 128 GB in gold color for 349 € when it normally costs 420 Euros.


Which are reconditioned models and what they are cheaper

When a product in the Apple Store indicates that it was a revision, it means that it is not just a new product. Due to a change, a repair or some other reason for which it is returned, the product is no longer new. In this case Apple makes sure that everything works correctly (repairs if there is a problem) and sucks them at a low price. It is A kind of second-hand But with the fact that the product does not represent damages and with a year warranty from Apple.

The models available in the recessed section are usually lower and we do not have the option to choose color, storage capacity or cellular connection. However, we can always Find some interesting bargainE and with the apple guarantee.

Does it pay to buy a reconditioned apple product? The truth is that yes, devices often appear with significant discounts and not as a second-hand "traditional", here we have a one year warranty and the security that has the "approved" apple. If the spare parts have been repaired, they are original, the battery is always changed, we can return in 14 days, the product is packed with all the accessories … It's only a problem to find a model that is suitable for our Requirements.

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