Apple shares a new video that highlights what you can do with an iPad pro


The Apple company continues to gain weight on sharing information so users know better about iPad Pro 2018. Now, Apple has released a series of videos Different features and capabilities of the new devices.

The five videos focus on showing how the device can take notes, scan documents, host a podcast, schedule space with the measure application, and even create a presentation in a movie. Each video lasts approximately one minute And done in a tutorial style to guide users through each job.

Details of the iPad Pro 2018 in detail

Similarly, the videos also show the different functions of the iPad, such as multitasking, or the Apple Pencil 2. They even give us an overview of the functions of the camera, drag and drop files, AirPlay, the USB-C port to Combine accessories, among other features. Some special applications are mentioned, such as cinema, garageband and notability.

According to Macromas, this is Apple's first set of iPad-style tutorial videos, although the device is the focus of a video that focuses on In five reasons, the iPad Pro can be "Your Next Computer".

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