Apple says that the iPhone XR is the best selling cell phone of its new equipment


The price is the key.

Apple has spoken and said what some suspect: The iPhone XR is the most successful cell phone of all launched this year.

This, according to his visa-president Greg Joswiak, who spoke with CNET and claimed doubts about the success of the "entry" terminal for the year in Apple's Mobiles.

All this information, which unfortunately does not share the figures, comes with interest from analysts who have found that this would not be a good year for the new iPhone, in general.

iphone xr

In addition, rumors indicate that the production range would be reduced because they expected higher sales in the first few weeks, which would not have been fulfilled.

In this case, the issue is that it is impossible to be known if the iPhone CSR is a success or if it is simply the best seller in a warm time for those in Cupertino, and probably will take several months for us to know for sure . Even so, it was expected that people would opt for the team, having a poison that is located right in the middle of the iPhone CSS and CSS Max, without losing many features that affect people and with a considerably cheaper price, $ 750.

This particular equipment has been adding more criticisms of more specialized users for having a "bad screen resolution", which we could not do, and even exceeding the sharpness, brightness, color, and other high ranges of the OLED competition, There is an IPS LCD panel that is from the iPhone XR.

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