Apple Details The iPad Pro Manufacturing Process To Settle The Controversy About Several Units "Bent"


At the end of last month we saw how Some units of the new iPad Pro were slightly folded, With Apple responding that there was the result of the manufacturing process and that it did not affect the operation of the device (except making changes to whoever asked for it and showing that his tablet was really folded).

Now, to insist on the fact that this is a very specific effect of the iPad Pro manufacturing process, Apple released a new document on its official website Supported in what explains why some units of the iPad Pro have been doubled. A searchable image, though not too powerful, to end the issue that runs through YouTube networks and videos.

It will work, but you can also return it if you want

First and foremost: Apple insists as always, You have 14 days to return one of your products without the company rejecting In this case, you cannot convince. If you notice that your new iPad Pro has doubled, you can go back without any problems.

Once clarified, Apple explains how the new models of the iPad Pro are even more demanding tests than the old models to verify that they are completely flat. If a unit has A deviation of more than 400 microns (Equivalent to the thickness of about four stacked folds), then the product is marked as defective and not sold. It also states that, due to the new design of the iPad, a minimum curvature can be appreciated more than the old designs.

It seems that the affected models are Those who include 4 g: The presence of the extra antenna is what that "A minimal and negligible deviation during use"After plastic is injected into the aluminum structure to create micropores," Apple offers all the guarantees in those models straight, insisting that you can change them if you appreciate that they are slightly bent.

Of course, Apple is not going to change anything that indicates that it is under pressure. In other words: If it's you who doubled the iPad for whatever reasons, you're going to have to keep it that way And assume responsibility and consequences. And believe me, both Apple and authorized technical services have extremely effective methods to detect if an iPad has already been mistaken.

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