Anthem removes 15 minutes of its gameplay January 2019


The last E3 showed more about anthem. This video game promises great things and shows the progress of its development with the 15 minutes of gameplay.

Anthem is one of the most anticipated games for 2019. The Electronic Arts game has impressive presentations in different video game conventions, but it is really well known about this title.

There is a tremendous open world and, according to the developer, would have a minimal stage load. The exploration is fundamental to the anthem, since the map has different heights and biomes.

By the way, 15 full minutes of gameplay are presented, where the use of the roles of the different characters can be seen. For now, the story behind it has not been revealed.

It should be noted that the images correspond to an alpha version of the video game. Usually some cats are made at the end of the development, such as lowering the resolution to the textures or limiting the frames per second to gain performance.


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