Anneph called "national strike" for Thursday, December 6 for "continuous disclosure"

For this Thursday, December 6, the National Association of Tax Employees (ANEF) decided to call a national strike of activities resulting from the continuous layoffs that have been registered in the last few weeks.

This was noted by the president of the Andeph, Carlos Innouna, who held that in the past weeks two thousand dissidents were notified, in addition to those registered last October, which figure reached $ 2,700 dissidents.

"We realize that it is a response to our struggle for work stability, and to end the intelligence that has been from March to date since President Sebastián Piñera's government," Insunza said.

The leader said that the Administration was formed at Circular 21 of the Ministry of Finance, in the framework of negotiations for salaries, in which the government was pleased that the dismissals would be made in a justified and far-reaching way, is not completed . From arbitrariness.

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