Animation of Tonica Tomicic and Benjamín Vicuña in Paris Parade & # 39; Did not fully convince the Twitterers | TV and show


This Sunday was the ninth version of the court Paris parade, An event in which the main street of Santiago is filled with music, dance, giant balloons and colors to entertain adults and children.

In this edition of 2018, the transmission was in charge of channel 13, while the conduction, from the TV cheerleader Tonka Tomic And the national actor Benjamín Vicuña.

In addition, the singer Denisse Rosenthal She appeared on stage, thrilling her fans who played alongside her each of her songs.

It was the first aspect to capture the attention of the Twitterers, who commented on each of the events with the hashtag #ParisParade.

And although Vikuññon had to leave the transmissions for a few minutes, leaving Tomicik in charge, dozens of Internet users commented that there was a bit of "dominance" among the animators. In addition, they asked the quality of the transmission. "Let's take a suicide," the phrase most talked about by the animators, according to the Twitterers.

"Tonka better than ever with Vikuna", "The lack of respect for them focus more on animators than monkeys" and "Foam Transmission" are some of the reactions.

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