Andrés Wilches and his Continuous UK: I have not talked to anyone about Colo colo

The forward recognizes that he still has to negotiate with the albows, owners of his pass.

"If it was up to me, I still went," said the striker.

Andrés Vilches, Forward Catholic University, Speaking about his conditioning in the team and saying that there is a problem that will be solved this week, although he pointed out that he did not contact with Color Colo, Club owner of your pass.

"I have to watch this week with my representative. Personally, I will enjoy and prepare well for what comes, I do not know about my future. Where I am happy, training as always. Throughout the year, I have not talked to anyone about Cola Colo And so far I am in Catholic, "said the pre-dinner striker where the Crusaders will celebrate the title of the National Championship.

In the same line, "Andy" Wilches stressed that "If it was up to me, I continue, but Colo's colo contains my pass. I have good friends and good relationship with the people of the club. I feel that in both I left something and I'm happy, because I also have the option of being there. "

Finally, Wilches said he did not know this Departure from Lucas Barrios, Exit that opens a door in front of the "kakique".

"At the end it depends on the technician and one looks for regularity," he concluded.

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