An uterus tried a family dressed as a ghost and shot him to death


It was in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. The friends who accompanied him were arrested for fear of murder.

The design was simple enough: one was going to disguise as a ghost and had to scare a family. The rest is going to record the scene and then publish it on social networks. But something is wrong. The yoke who played the joke, dressed in a bow, was shot dead.

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The violent episode occurred in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. The local blogger Rana Zuhair, one of the authors of the channel Lahori Wines, has organized a joke with two of his friends to share their channels and thus be able to win more followers.

Rana Zohair, the YouTube murderer on the right, along with his two friends.

But the joke is unleashed in tragedy. When the young Pakistani approached a family, disguised as a ghost, one of the men pulled out a gun and killed him on the spot.

The two friends who accompanied Rana, Haskat Ali and Abdul Sabor, were arrested by the police because they felt they had encouraged the crime. However, it did not appear that it was devoted to the people who opposed the YouTube.

The group of young people has London's YouTube channel in November, where they have promised "entertain people in our company with talent and entertainment". Most of the time they used to make hard jokes in the street, recorded the reactions of their victims and viralized them in the networks.


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