One 29 year old Austrian woman He is already at home, Four days after birth To his second son. Everything was fine until suddenly started to feel Pain and swelling In the area of ​​the vulva and a Milk liquid It emanated from her. After his first delivery he had a similar feeling, but not with so much pain, so he decided to go next day Kefler University Hospital. He explained this to the doctors Obstetrics and Gynecology Service I felt pain on both sides of the vulva, from the labia to the labia minora, and to the perineal area, near the anus.

During work, I had some tears that made it necessary to give points in the now painful area, but this did not explain the outflow of white liquid. Her case was a puzzle whose pieces were put in place when the patience remembered that she felt something like giving birth to her first baby. The woman has what is known as Ectopic breast tissues Or, which is the same, out of place. It may seem a very strange case; But, in fact, according to the doctors who are treated in the journal Obstetrics & GynecologyIt is much more frequent than it seems.

The answer is in the embryo

When we are embryos, we have been constituted by layers that evolve over time to give rise to different body tissues and organs.

For the same reason, the ectopic breast tissue is produced, and more than two nipples may appear.

One of them, known as Breast comb or milk line, Establishes the area in which the Nipples And, in some people, these Mammal glands. Usually, this always happens in the same place. However, there may be cases in which both of these Breast tissue As the nipples appear at any other point in the lines. In fact, this is why some people develop Third NippleAnd sometimes even more, usually just below the box, as shown in the following picture.

In the case of the patient, the breast tissue was developed in the normal place of the breasts, but also in the Lower part of the two milk lines, On both sides of the Vulva. This is usually a condition that many people don't detect until it's out A tumor Or, after giving birth, start the excretion of milk.

In the case of the Austrian woman, it was added that she had developed a condition known as Galactostasis, consisting of Painful accumulation of milk. To deal with it, they were removed from the points given on the ectopic table and admitted drugs to reduce inflammation. At first, they do not remove the breast tissue from the vulva, although they are worth it in the future because of the possibility of being cancerous.

Only two weeks later, the pain, inflammation and milk flow have decreased, so he could continue with Lactation without problems. Yes, this time for the usual place.