All are locked and Chile imposes sanitary barrier: they declare Argentine people in full quarantine after wave of deaths and infections

Three dead and seven people infected in just 24 hours. This is the area of ​​Epuyé, Argentina, which was baptized as "people in grief" after being declared a complete quarantine because of the Hana virus.

The small town of Cordillier, situated between Chubut and Rio Nago, is completely empty of streets and inhabitants are locked in their houses. Nobody speaks to anyone and neighboring areas are afraid of cases multiplying and eventually splashing through the disease, according to Clarin.

Even though the health service of Los Lagos imposed a healthy barrier after a 29-year-old Chilean girl arrived in the Palena virus, a few days later, in trans-andean soil. At the point, Epué é is just four hours away from the national community.

This was set a few days ago by the head of the Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health, Johanna Acevedo, who called the case "exceptional" when it was in another country.

Meanwhile, Argentine authorities are recommending to all those who have to share some reason to stop wearing masks and wash their hands regularly with soap.

"He is brave"

In the middle of the situation, the management of rural people, the inhabitants of neighbors are attentive to everything that happens a few kilometers from their homes.

"They say he is brave, we are in the holiday camp, but they tell us that everything started at a party," said two young people from Nekvén.

And that description of how "Bravo" is the atmosphere in Epoéén is apparently true, according to the voices of local residents. And this is evident in the streets: while the previous summers are crowded with tourists, now they are almost abandoned.

This is because doctors believe that human hand-hand infection can be given an insult. In this sense, they believe that the strain may have been mutated and are now able to travel into vaporized saliva.

So the confinement is not the only impediment in the area, but they cannot speak silently before the fear that any conversation can be deadly. "We can't stop it, we have doubts he is sick," said a neighbor.

"Everything broke in the room, in hours, the most typical of Argentines who are so communicative, broken, it's over," says Van Pablo, a Colombian who feels that the city has died at least this summer.

And it may be true because the restaurants, hotels and businesses are almost all closed. "The tragedy of people is enormous, it is very difficult to be here not only for the Hanna but also because the people are very bad in spirit," the man finished.

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