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Alejandra Valle After La Red's departure: "It was mutual"


This afternoon was reported as "intruders" Alejandra Valle He would no longer continue in this program or in the Red, after all the controversy that had been generated after his trial against Carabiners.

It was as if you had a relationship. In this case it was mutual. Some decisions that were pending were rushed, "he said in conversation MON.

Asked about all the commotion, which was generated by his comments in the network, he pointed out that all of this ended up in a decision he thought. "I don't want to deny the channel that gave me a lot of opportunities, not even the intruders, which is a program I really like, But at a time, I thought about another kind of journalismWhich is most important to me right now. "

"The deconectization he did was generalized about an institutionWhich evidently goes through a current discredited. But not all police are the same, because not all journalists are right, he added.

Finally, he pointed out what was coming into his life. "I'm a Chilean that was lucky, not everyone is lucky to have a mattress … Luckily I have other jobs. As it happens in any house, you need to tighten your belt".

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