Aggressive in reality show: contestant has jealous attack and hit his girlfriend before the cameras | TV and show

A shocking moment is lived in a Russian reality show called Sun 2 Last week, after the Russian TV star Andrei Shabarin (34) Hit his girlfriend Rozalia Raisa repeatedly (21) The man is taken out of place after this fact.

As detailed in the daily newspaper Daily Mail, the young man was intrigued after he knew, for other colleagues, that His partner had reached another person on the show.

According to the records of the cameras in the "Eneriero", Savannah saved the girl, giving her some blows to her head, while she just managed to cover her face and shout for help to the other participants. .

Capture TV
Capture TV

Finally, another couple had to go to the girl's help and managed to get the people out of the room, who was watching with waves of fury.

The aforementioned media adds that the directors of the TV network have taken their determination Challenge Andrey Shabarin from the show, Who left this place in silence.

Unusually rozalia Raisa also decided to leave the confinement. At his departure, he pointed out that he would look Refuse contact with her boyfriend, to recompose and continue the relationship.

Capture TV
Capture TV

In the reality show Sun 2, The participants enter the goal of building a house while trying to find a partner, though not all members are single.

In the case of Shabarin and Raisa, both have initiated a three-month relationship.

Violence against women

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