Actress Loreto Aravana gives details of her preparation for "Pirates of the Caribbean"


It is not about Hollywood, but the theory and time of this musical genre that is pleased with the actress of Channel 13 Loreto Aravena.

In addition to the recordings of the nightly "Pacto de Sangre", the actress told the newspaper "Kuartar" as she was preparing for "Pirate Del Caribe", a musical where she will have to perform, dance and sing.

"The truth is, I'm not so good at dancing but I've taken pain to learn choreography and be up to work. Puebla cluster (choreographer of the musical) teaches us full dance and with what I am calm. I do some things: I dance, sing and do acrobatics, "he said.

In the assembly, Aravina had to go down platforms while singing and dancing, all of which involved 7 hours of daily trials. "There are many hours of dancing and we rehearse singing, a lot of vocalization. We have body training for acrobatics in the mast.", Details.

Advised on what she expects of the musical format that Times Plaza is doing for 10 years, the actress was clear. "My expectations are super high This is 10 years of free theater project every summer. They are more than 3,000 people, and we want to celebrate with everything, "he concluded.

In action, the actress told a video of his preparation:

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