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Update: Although initially it was announced that we would take a little more to see the console's prototypes, Ian Bell has released the images on Twitter:

Jan Bell, CEO of Project Cars Developer, announced that Are working on a new generation console Compatible with all Virtual Reality Headsets and with enough power to leave the game in 4K and 120 frames per second.

Mad Box Comes.

What is the Mad Box? It is the most powerful console ever built. It's literally crazy. … Do you want 4k, do you want VR to 60fps? Do you want a free engine to develop your games on it? You got it

The Media Variety, following the cryptic Twitter announcement, contacted him and published more details of what they were trying to do at Mad Madison Studios. Waiting for a full announcementThis is the information:

  • 120FPS Virtual Reality Promise (Jan Bel referred in his tweet, somewhat strangely, to "60 Images per Eye")
  • Will support the next VR helmets and all existing ones
  • Its technical characteristics will be equivalent to "a very fast two years"
  • They plan to allow games for all developers, old and new
  • The free engine they develop will be multifunctional and will not promote exclusivity at their own.
  • It will be launched all over the world and they are trying to take it to places that are currently not very open to other consoles
  • They have multiple investors at their disposal for this project, but they are waiting for better offers.
  • Your price will be adjusted and competitive with the other consoles

The master stated that Soon they will reveal more information, Relying on that they are still in talks with different component manufacturers, although their designs are already well advanced. He believes that the competition is healthy and that they have the necessary contacts to bear fruit to something epic based on their designs. We will have pictures of the first prototypes in 4 to 6 weeks.

Project cars were finally canceled for 2015 in 2015 and did not reach any Nintendo console, although the crowdfunding campaign from the first delivery made it one of the main objectives and was also supported by users. Namco, Project Cars 2 distributor, said that if people wanted a version for Switch, they would have to listen to their social networks.

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