AC Inversions: Court of Santiago revokes trial and orders two convicts effectively National

The Palace of Appeals of Santiago condemns Kamilo Cruz Hernandez and Rodolfo Dubu Rubino to the penalties of 5 years of effective imprisonment, as perpetrators of the consummated and repeated fraud scams, by the commission of the crime of invasion of the bank Transfer, and the crime of money laundering illicit perpetrated between 2012 and 2016, by the company AC Inversions.

In a divided decision, the eleventh revelation of the minister's resignation coordinator Jorge Zepeda, Judge Prosecutor Daniel Calvo and Attorney (I) Angel Krughaga – explains the court ruling, issued by the Guinea-Bissau Guaranté Guardian, The intentive supervision of the condemned, conducive to the fact that the benefits of grants were not met.

"Analyzing the commentary on the expert reports, it was appreciated that none of them were aware of whether the contest was aware of the crimes they were convicted, if they were worried about the damage caused by the crimes or if they had no regret Repent, "the verdict continues.

"Nothing has been said of the multi-offensive characteristic of the crimes that Cruz and Dubu are convicted and nothing has been said, how much they have not even asked them to think that they have brought thousands of victims and if they have no awareness of The harm caused the decision of the appeal site.

"In this way, as a crackdown argument to recommend the alternative punishment, the fact that the convicts have an important network of family and social support, is as insufficient, since the same support network at the time of Being involved in the illicit, that is, it did not work, so now it is worth asking now, what would it be useful now if its uselessness has been proven, "the court claims.

Therefore, it ordered "those convicted and individualized to effectively comply with the five-year punishment of minor prison in its maximum degree and legal accessory, which indicates the alleged sus."

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