A patient coughing an unjustified blood clotting 15 cm wide – 10/12/2018


It looks like a tree, a coral or some roots. We can even suppose that it is an artistic installation. But there is a blood clot 15 cm wide of the right bronchial tree. The most incredible thing: a man expelled him coughing.

The image was provided by Gavitt Woodard and George Wizelthaler, two doctors from the University of California (United States), who treated the patient. The newspaper published it in November New England Journal of Medicine And since then, he has traveled around the world.

As published in The Atlantic, Doctors still do not explain As this may come out of his body. "It surprised us, it is a curiosity you can not imagine, that is, it's very, very, very rare," said Vizhelhaler.

The patient, aged 36, has "heart failure with an ejection fraction of 20%, bioprosthetic aortic valve replacement for bicuspid aortic stenosis, aortic aneurysm, and permanent pacemaker placement for whole core block.

When he is admitted to the Hospital's intensive care unit, he is connected to a pump so that the blood is spread. "An impelpa ventricular assisted device was placed on the treatment of acute heart failure and a continuous infusion of heparin was initiated for systemic anticoagulation," the medical report states.

"With an extreme attack of cough, the patient expelled spontaneously An intact mold of the right bronchial tree", Continues.

Then, the man was extracted and no longer episodes of hemoptysis. But a week later he died from complications of heart failure, despite the placement of the ventral assistant device.

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