A moving reaction from a worker who gave her a car is Viral: It took her hours to go to work Life


A moving story has been released by American media in recent days. It is a McDonald's employee Received a gift from a client's car Who attended daily. The worker told the man, the previous day, if she I can recommend a cheap car to go to work, Since being decomposed.

Wiki Anderson (56) She was operating in a McDonald's store in South Hutchinson's (Kansas, United States) when she was approached by a man named Chris Ellis, Often acquired from the restaurant, who told him that he "brought him good news".

In this way, the man took her and told the employee: "You see that black and long car, it's yours, all yours." The woman noticed a 2009 Pontiac G6 and just managed to cry.

"This is a joke, right? It can't be true," was what we said at the time. Given this, Ellis said: "It's true, believe me, I don't think things." The woman remained in an army with her client and his son, who owned the vehicle until the moment.

According to the news site news site news, the lady asked him if he could Give her information about second-hand cars that aren't expensive and that you can pay in installments.

Vicky added to the time when her old car broke down and she, having no knowledge of mechanics, made the decision not to occupy it anymore.

The worker added to the diner that the fact that not having a car made it difficult to drive to work, since her trip home. It is two hours by bus.

It was after the conversation that the man who is an agricultural entrepreneur in the area decided to give the car to McDonald's employee, which he saw every day at lunchtime.

"God bless you all. Now, this is a good day," Vicky Anderson said through tears.

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