"A mockery of the family": Marcelo Catrillanca Questions The decision of the court after this case is closed | National


This Friday was announced Closing of the investigation into the death of the Mapuche community member Camilo Catrillanca, Occurred 6 months ago in the community of Erkilla, in the area of ​​La Araucanía,

In this instance, the court decided to continue to continue the pre-trial measure of one of the accused, "having previous commitments" before the death of the victim. "It's like a mockery of the family"Said Katlinna of his father.

The lawyer of the Human Rights Unit, Roberto Garrido, said that May 20 was the deadline for file charges. In the same time, the defense or plant fund may request the reopening of the investigation, if so required.


At the hearing, Judge Sandra Nahuelkura welcomed the defense of the accused. Manuel Valdivieso: Occasionally, suspend the National Argoo press-on measure against him, Between May 23 and June 2, before the payment of a $ 2 million bail.

The accused would have committed commitments before the death of Katrillanka, he argued.

The father of the Communero, Marcelo Catrillanca, is dissatisfied with the decision of the court, given the seriousness of the facts imputed to him.


"It's like a mockery of the family (…) we hope this example will work, That justice is for all"Because today we have many prisoners, practically for clean mounts," said the victim's father.

The Public Ministry had a term of 10 business days To charge the charge against the eighth accused of the reason: One for murder, another for unlawful comersion and six for Obstork of research.

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