25 years later & # 39; Is iconic and eternal


A FPS? What is a FPS? Few talked to that deadline before December 10, 1993, but the story I would change the day with the release of 'Doom & # 39;, A video game considered one of the most important and influential in the history of this industry.

It turns 25 years from the release (in disks, gentlemen, in disks) that encircle the creators – especially to John Carmack – as the myths of this segment, and initiated an era in which the type of games in the first person has been dominated The recreation scene. We owe a lot to Doom, a game that for many is not only iconic: it's forever.

The first person game that changed everything

This is the creature of his creatures, of course. They finish creating a complete franchise From this original game released 25 years ago. We have # Doom II, Final Doom, Doom 64 & # 39; (for Nintendo 64), Doom 3 & # 39; (with two reissues with expansions), and the Doom & # 39; edition that appeared in 2016. Not counting, of course, the spin-offs, the versions of consoles (as for switching) and all those mods that transformed the experience to give it new twists.

That franchise He still has a lot to say, And this is demonstrated by the fact that ID software is preparing to: Eternal, sequel to the title of 2016 and that will return to the plot of its predecessors.

All the titles continue to pay tribute to the original 'Doom & # 39; – which in three ounces something to the Wolfenstein 3D # 39; From Carmack and Romero themselves – but in fact not only do the titles of Saga, but dozens, Possibly hundreds of titles that appeared on the market From the moment and that in one way or another are inspired by the original title.

A title that, we insist, is more iconic than ever and that It is required to be executed on all types of devices, Including a smart watch, an iPod nano or a Raspberry pc. Playing Doing Today Is Easier Like Everything – The source code is released years ago, something that ID software also has with Doom 3-, but even if that original site falls short, do not worry: this artificial intelligence makes infinite levels so that the fun Never stops.

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