25 minutes of gameplay from your cooperative, combat and skills


The development of Beyond Good & Bad 2 seems to be better, and Ubisoft has wanted to show as one of the most ambitious proposals that it has developed is progressing. For this, he has made a live broadcast that left us with us 25 minutes of a new gameplay.

The team wants to focus the broadcast on certain aspects of the game, such as those Combat system Or some of them The skills That we will have at our disposal, being able to use swords, pistols or jet packs when moving around the worlds that we travel with our site pirates.

Over the event we will have the possibility of To improve all our weapons and skills Thanks to increases that will give them new capabilities and effects during the fighting. In the gameplay we have a sample of some of them, in addition to showing us some Spy glasses Which will allow us to examine in detail what the enemies have equipped.

So, thanks to this viewer, we can put in place the skills, statistics, and other details of some characters that can interest us to connect our troops. In turn, it will also help us Examine the planets From site to discover more information about their cities or other places that may be interesting.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 will also have a Online multiplayer mode That will allow our friends to join the game at any time if you want to cast a cable or do everything they want, because they do not need to stay together at any time. However, for confrontations that may arise on foot or with spacecraft, the help of another person never comes bad, especially if your ship, which can also be customized, has healing abilities.

All this you can see in this gameplay that accompanies the news, which lasts about four minutes and serves as a summary of the retrenamment that you have underneath that has been doing about an hour. Of course, if that interest you are the gameplay itself, then put it From 15 minutes To be able to open your mouth, because the launch of Biond Well & Evil 2 looks like it will go for a long time, since it is expected to get a beta by the end of 2019.

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