ערד The Earth's magnetic pole is beginning to change. Discover what!


Many facets of our lives depend on them Earth's magnetic fieldAnchored by the North and South Poles of the electrical network that feeds our computers to the satellites that allow us to watch television. Turtles and other creatures sail with him and protect us from the sun's beam.

What happens to the magnetic field?

The magnetic field has represented one of the current themes.

The magnetic field that protects our planet from solar and galactic radiation, The dangerous rays that can damage our planet are generated in the outer heart.

As energy travels through that core, it creates an electric current, which in turn creates a magnetic shield that moves away into space. In the 1980s, Scientists have started sending satellites into the atmosphere and glimpsing what is happening with the magnetic shield.

Through mathematics, you can take the calculations from outer space and Observe what happens within the melted outer core, where the domain is generated.

What they have found is extraordinarily surprising. There are a lot of magnetic fields in the core that are totally tortured. You have the magnetic fields of two Poles that protect our planet, the north and south of Poland, but in the middle of it all are the factions, The battle of the Titans, Who is trying to beat the dipole.

If they succeed in doing hundreds of times in the history of the planet, then the North and South Poles will change places. Scientists have discovered that all plants and animals respond to the magnetic field of our planet.

Let's say you are a whale trying to reach North America's shore where the good spring is found where you can pave, grab and communicate your DNA. If you can't figure out how to get there, When navigating with the magnetic field, which may affect your reproductive strategy.

Similarly, some turtles must return to Australia to lay their eggs in Australia. The worry is that they will not be able to find the beach if they cannot navigate the magnetic field, and they could end up going somewhere else.

¿There will be a sufficient difference to damage life on Earth? That part is not clear. We have a situation on our planet at this time, where by about One third of our planet's creatures are already in danger, and some are critically endangered.

So, you're not talking about a time that is normal for life on earth. The big question about the evaluative change in poles It is the effect it will have on creatures that are already being compromised in their ability to go where they should go.

¿What happens if one of the bands of additional radiation hits a part of the highly populated planet? Then, of course, there are effects on all creatures on the planet, as well As the effects on our electromagnetic system, the electrical network and all the things we consider part of modern civilization.

The Earth's magnetic pole is beginning to change. Discover what!

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