Wwe has the option to buy & shut down & # 39; Their UK Partner Promotions


Report: Wwe has the option to buy & shut down & # 39; Their UK Partner Promotions

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More details of the updated NCST UK contract situation has been revealed, according to a report of the writling observer Newsletter (subscription required). With news coming from the NXT UK gift receiving various beer contracts and that major stars are limited from competing outside of their brand, Dave Meltzer is reporting that WWE's compliance with various UK promotions allows them to buy and close ' The rise if they wanted to.

"Part of the WVS's working agreements were originally offered and agreed to have that WWE would have the right for the next several years, if they choose, to purchase companies for an agreed upon price (high six figures in at least some cases) and then Lock them down so they will not compete "with themselves" with the idea that would take place when they are working full-time schedules in those markets.

Wwe now has a working agreement in place with Progress Wrestling and Scotland's Insane Championship Wrestling. The two promotions have commonly used the top star of NX UK as well as Smackdown Superstar Killy Don. Earlier it was reported that a list of "non-compete" promotions was revealed, although impact wrestling is not a part of it.

The current NXT UK stars, including WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate, are permitted to compete at Destiny Wrestling, though it will not be for live streaming and only for the audience.

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