Woman accidentally leaves gold, diamonds and pearls in clothes donation bag


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Published Friday, January 4, 2019 11:45 am EST

Last updated Friday, January 4, 2019 12:53 PM EST

Halifax – a Halifax woman who accidentally donated her leopard collection of gold, diamonds and pearls is hoping against the odds of her jewelry returning.

Jane Loves realized too late that her husband had stashed a zippy bag of valuable gifts and family cheerlooms on a bag of donation-ready clothing when the couple was headed out of town.

The treasures included a string of pearls gifted by her father, a gold tennis bracelet, diamond and amethyst earrings and gold necklaces from a family member who stayed away.

Lide contacted diabetes Canada, who picked up the clothing and the value of the villages where the bag might have ended.

The people she spoke to were accommodating and ready to help, but it was waiting for a possible effect of her collection.

"I'm hoping we get it back but I don't really have any kind of reason to be hoping for. It's just, I think, fortunately, isn't it?" Ladies said Friday in her home in Halifax.

Worthy of the village staff tells song that volumes as described are usually brought to a supervisor to be itemized and locked in a certain, but so far no one has reported finding the jewelry.

While the value is certainly significant for some of the lost treasures, lol doesn't think most of the items can be sold to a pawn shop for their original cost – the biggest hit is the loss of irreplaceable heirlooms.

Some things, including an emerald and Diamond pendant, are especially valuable, but Love said the sentimental value of her grandmother afternoon pearls, for example, could not be a price.

"Whether it's real or not, it's what it meant to you," she said.

The error was a serious miscommunication.

The bag has already been sorted out and not thought to look through them, and she did not know where he was wearing the bag, something he did as a precaution when leaving the house for a long time.

"We are kicking ourselves, of course, but I just didn't think to ask him," she said.

The loss of so many memory-legitimate things was saddling. Love to give her children the jewelry and grandparents one day, but she's trying to stay positive and appreciate her life's other blessings.

"We are well and we have a good life, so you have to think about it."

– By Holly McKenzie-Sutter In St. John & # 39; s, N.L.

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