Will Eat 1 Avocado Every Day Help With Weight Loss?


As a plant-based eater, I admit that my high-carb diet (which includes tons of sweet potatoes, whole grains, and dates), gives me energy for my explosive cross-fat workouts, but I end up feeling hungry soon after eating. . Then I finish eating more, which resulted in about a 10-point weight gain over the last year or so. And no, it's not muscle.

Many experts suggest including healthy fats in your diet to help you feel more satiated, so you eat less. Would it work for me? Registered dietician Lesley Langewin, MS, RD, CI, from Full Health Nutrition told Popsugar that healthy fats are essential for weight loss because they "keep us full and satisfied since they're digested more slowly than carbohydrates." Avocados is one of the foods she recommends the clients include to help with weight loss.

My avocado experiment

I was used to eating helps an avocado a few times a week, but I thought: What if I ate one whole avocado every day? How would I feel? Would it be more fair to me? Would I Finally Eat Less Daily Calories? Would I lose weight? Or, because they are high in calories, would I gain weight? I got my pink Himalayan sea salt, a sharp knife, and a spoon, and was ready to see what would happen.

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